Community Code

The AbbVie Care Community and the Therapeutic Group Messaging are here for you and people who are currently using HUMIRA (adalimumab). It is an opportunity for you to meet others and talk to people who understand what you are going through. The following are our rules of engagement which ensure AbbVie Care remains a safe and positive environment for all. This AbbVie Care Community and the Therapeutic Group Messaging are moderated to ensure the Community Code is followed.

Please join in and share your experiences, learn from others and share your learnings. By engaging in the AbbVie Care Community and the Therapeutic Group Messaging we hope it will help you get the most out of life.

  1. We encourage critical thinking and personal empowerment.

    There are many pathways to feeling well. It is up to each individual to make the choices that best support their unique needs and goals. We encourage individuals to educate themselves about lifestyle options, so that they can make informed, empowered decisions that will help them live life to the fullest with their condition.

  2. We respect others experience.

    We respect the wisdom of others’ experiences, which may be quite different from our own. We take responsibility for the opinions we express and support the right to differences of opinion.

  3. We welcome and celebrate diversity of opinions and beliefs.

    We respect that people come from a variety of backgrounds, belief systems, spiritual traditions and experiences. We welcome all individuals using Humira by engaging in sensitive, respectful, and tolerant dialogue.

  4. We practice compassionate communication.

    We recognise our words have the power to heal or hurt. Our intention is to support each other through empathic, open dialogue. We speak from our “I” perspective. We reflect on our own feelings and needs and refrain from judging the feelings and needs of others.

  5. We share honest and accurate information.

    We are committed to sharing honest and accurate information around our personal experience as Humira patients. We do not sell ideas, products, services, businesses or organisations. Direct solicitation of any kind is prohibited in these communities. AbbVie Care Nurses are required to monitor and review the content that you post to the AbbVie Care Community and the Therapeutic Group Messaging, and may alter or remove any of your content at any time if not aligned with the Programme Terms & Conditions, Community Code or Humira’s Consumer Medicine Information.

  6. We honour every person’s right to privacy and safety.

    We do not post or share information that could identify or compromise the comfort, dignity or safety of another individual or family, whether members of our communities or not.

  7. We take responsibility for our own actions.

    Each participant takes personal responsibility for the content s/he shares on our communities including images. This includes observing copyright laws as well as observing a respectful tone by avoiding vulgar, offensive or triggering language.

  8. Above all, we agree to support and help each other.

    Help and support is the most precious gift we can give to each other and the foundation on which AbbVie Care is built.

  9. AbbVie Care is sponsored by AbbVie.

    AbbVie is the company that manufactures Humira. All pharmaceutical companies have a legal responsibility to continually monitor the safety of their products, a responsibility which AbbVie takes extremely seriously. This includes collecting any information we become aware of relating to adverse events or product quality complaints that people may have experienced when taking any AbbVie product. An adverse event refers to any unwanted or unexpected symptom or side effect that occurs whilst/after taking a medicine (these should always be discussed with your doctor). If you mention an adverse event when you are talking to one of the AbbVie Care Nurses, or when posting on the AbbVie Care Community or the Therapeutic Group Messaging, an AbbVie Care Nurse may need to ask you to provide a little more detail about the experience and also for your permission to contact your doctor. The AbbVie Care Nurse is then required to send this information to AbbVie's pharmacovigilance team who in turn may report these adverse events to the New Zealand regulatory authority as required by law. Your assistance is greatly appreciated as it helps to continually improve our knowledge of the safety profile of AbbVie products.

NZ-HUM-190051 TAPS PP3271 Prepared April 2019